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Putting the adventure of MD:TAS in the pockets of fans everywhere, a series of tiny PVC plastic figurines have been released in several different sets. This is the closest thing that fans will get to a tangible incarnation of the entire team. The only missing players? Wraith and Siege.

Collector's Set
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This set of eight figurines is the largest packaged collection, all eight figurines in one box. Included is the entire team, plus Dragaunus and Chameleon. The figurines themselves are impressive, featuring dynamic poses and good sculpts. The only problem with them is scale, Grin is far too small and Chameleon too  big. Dragaunus could use some added height too.

Migrator Playset
Migplayset.jpg (64161 bytes)

Cross-listed on the Vehicles page. This set consists of three figurines (Tanya, Wildwing, and Nosedive) and a miniature foldout version of the Migrator. Close it up, and it looks like the vehicle on the exterior. Fold down the flap, and it reveals the Ready Room of the Pond, complete with a defensive laser gun that plugs into the raised platform. The only playset issued by Mattel.

figurines.jpg (31220 bytes)

Offered in individual packages, these figurines are great little collector's items, and not as widely available as the boxed collector's set. As seen in the picture, the packaging featured several languages, a common feature of many pieces of Ducks merchandise, especially the action figures.

Figurine Glycerin Soap
These children's soaps were sold in the Mighty Ducks team stores and the Disney stores. They are individually packaged clear green or blue soaps with an MD:TAS figurine in the middle, most likely excluding the three villain figurines. Cross-listed on the decor page.

Notes: The easiest of these three things to find nowadays is the collector's set. Offered in a number of retail stores, the set is often seen mint in online auction sites. The rarest of them all are the individually packaged figurines.

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